Teach you to see through your boss’ minds from small movements

Teach you to see through your boss’ minds from small movements

Observing and observing colors is the basic technique for manipulating freedom in all human relationships.

Not knowing what to look at is equivalent to turning the tiller without knowing the direction of the wind. There is no way to talk about things in the world.

  Although intuition is sensitive but easy to be deceived, knowing how to reason and judge is the top skill pursued by observation and observation.

Words can reveal a person’s character, expressions and eyes make us peer into others’ hearts, clothes, sitting postures, gestures, and betray their masters without even knowing it.

  Talk can tell you a person’s part, character, quality, and inner emotions. Therefore, listening to the voice outside the string is the key to “sense”.

  If you look at colors as if you are looking at the weather, then looking at one’s face should be like “looking at the clouds and knowing the weather” and have a deep knowledge, because not everyone can be angry and angry all the time and occasionally, but instead “smile inAt both ends, cry in my heart. ”

  ”Eyes” is the most important point in “face”.

It can tell us the truth most involuntarily. The sitting posture and clothing of people can also help us to be indifferent, and identify the whole of the person, causing the inner discomfort to look at the fire.

  In interpersonal communication, a clear and meticulous observation of other people’s speech, expressions, gestures, actions, and seemingly inadvertent behaviors is a prerequisite for mastering each other. Measurement can only make the helmsman.

For example, when dealing with bosses, observing with eyes and hands can give us insight into their hearts: 1. The boss does not look up or look at people when speaking.

This is a bad sign-to underestimate the subordinate and consider the person incompetent.

  2. The boss looks at people from top to bottom.

This is a manifestation of superiority-good dominance and arrogance.

  3, the boss stared at his subordinates for a long time-he was waiting for more information, and his impression of the subordinates was not complete.

  4. The boss looks at the subordinates in a friendly and frank manner, or sometimes winks at the subordinates-the subordinates are very capable, please him, even wrong can get his forgiveness.

  5. The boss’s eyes are sharp and his expression remains unchanged. Like a sword, his subordinates should wear it.

This is a manifestation of strength, indifference and sense of superiority, and at the same time overlaps with subordinates: don’t try to deceive me, I can see through your mind.

  6. The boss occasionally glanced up, and met the subordinate’s eyes, and then looked at the following, if you do this many times, you can be sure that the boss is still not sure about the subordinate.

  7, the boss stared into the room, nodding slightly from time to time.

This is a very bad signal. It means that the superior wants his subordinates to fully obey him. No matter what the subordinates say or think, he ignores them.

  8. Put your hands together and press from the top down, the body plays a balancing role-indicating gentleness.


  9. Put your hands on your waist and extend your elbow. This is a traditional human language for commanders. It is often a posture when you encounter specific power problems.

  10. The boss sits on a chair, leans his body backwards, puts his hands behind his head, stretches his elbows, which certainly shows that he is very relaxed at this time, but it is also likely to mean conceit.

  11, the index finger points to the other side-a naked sense of superiority and combativeness.

  12. Holding hands behind each other is also a manifestation of superiority.

  13, the boss photographed the uniform of the subordinates-recognition and appreciation of the subordinates, but only from the side shots to express true recognition and appreciation.

If taken from the front or from above, it means to underestimate the subordinates or show strength.

  14, fingers close together, hands form a pyramid shape, fingertips facing the front-be sure to reject the other party’s short circuit.

  15. Fist your hands into fists-Always scare others, but also express your own opinion. If you hit the table with your fists, it is simply an attempt to keep people from talking.