Beauty skin number

As a woman, you have dedicated most of your money and time to the skin, prepared the best nourishment for it, massaged it, and even walked into the plastic hospital for it . but to get fine,Smooth, wrinkle-free skin is still not an easy task, because different parts of the skin have their own secrets and require different ways of maintenance.

  ☆ Forehead Forehead skin is easily involved in various facial expressions. It is subject to excessive squeezing or stretching. Squeezing and squeezing can cause wrinkles. Transformation and stretching can cause it to dry, harden, and lose its elasticity.

Therefore, try not to frown and stir your eyebrows as much as possible, and use moisturizing skin care products that do not contain oil. When applying, pay attention to apply from bottom to top, from the brow bone to the direction of the bun, or use a light pat.

  Do an exercise for your face in the morning ☆ The cuticles on the sides of the nose and nose are thicker and the pores are relatively thick, so the oil secretion is strong. It is the easiest place for acne to grow, and blackheads are prone to appear.

In addition to daily and thorough cleansing of the skin on both sides of the nose, oil control products are also required.

Experts specifically caution against using nose patches, as fine lines appear on both sides of the intended nose.

  The two-week special treatment of blackheads toss the “blackheads” and seduce the ten acne acne lipsticks with sunscreen ingredients.

And lips are craving water more than any other part of the skin, so the moisturizing effect of the lipstick must be better.

It is also important to quit smoking, as the survey found that smoking movements caused a 47% increase in wrinkles around the mouth.

  The new law of pure lip care and care how rich and natural sexy lip color!

  Honey moisturizing lips ☆ Supplement the correct skin delicate skin, it will disperse first as the years grow, so pat with cold water every day when washing your face, and do n’t forget to forget the skin when using skin care products on the face, and pay attention to the followingApply lightly on top.

In addition, poor posture during sleeping and working can easily cause wrinkles on the skin. Dermatologists recommend that you do not use excessively high pillows during sleep, do not sleep on the side for a long time, and keep your head and computer parallel during work.

  Beautiful neck intimate plan Jade neck and beautiful neck I have ☆ Eyes Eye skin is the thinnest in the whole body. The most common problems are crow’s feet and eye bags (lower eyelid edema).

The latest research found that lowering the temperature of the face wash water can significantly reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

And drink less water for half an hour before going to bed, properly raise pillows, and use eye cream to massage eyelid skin and skin in the morning and evening to help improve bags under the eyes.

  Eye cream Use weight reduction eye cream that does not divide your eyes by age

Therefore, it is recommended to use the spray of hot and cold alternating water to massage the skin when spraying every day. Of course, you should also use some skin care products that have firming effect on the skin.

  Come and pay attention to your measurements. Beware of invisible bras that cause dermatosis. A small amount of protective oil secreted by the skin self-examination six steps is often consumed due to exposure and water, so it is easy to be rough and dry.

Skin care experts recommend that we apply oily moisturizing skincare products to our hands every day (note that it is different from non-oily moisturizing skincare products for the face).

  Five types of weapons to protect jade hands are not housewives but also “housewife hands”In addition, it often becomes horny due to friction with clothing and becomes rough, so you need to exfoliate and apply a high-efficiency moisturizing skin cream every week.

In addition, wiping the skin with oranges or lemons every day can also make the skin delicate and tender.

  Exfoliating essentials explanation ☆ Legs and legs have strong muscles under the skin for support, tighter and denser than other parts of the skin, but because of the lack of sebaceous glands, it is easy to dry and form dandruff.

It is best to implant massage with hemp gloves during bathing to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, and stimulate blood supply to the legs and secretion of sebaceous glands.

Pay attention to massage from the bottom to the top.

Apply skincare to the legs after bathing, and massage in this way.