Prevention of three common skin diseases in winter

Due to the coming of winter, the temperature continues to drop, and the number of skin diseases in the hospital clinics has increased significantly. Dermatologists said that in addition to cold weather, skin problems occur, and more are caused by improper care. Therefore, the general public is reminded to develop a goodLifestyle habits, master scientific and appropriate nursing methods.

  What are the common skin problems in winter?

How to effectively prevent and prevent it?

  First, the skin itching problem is explained in detail: the weather in winter is dry, the skin will also be dry, it is prone to skin itching, itching makes people want to scratch.

Itchy skin in winter is usually not serious at first, and may only cause one in the beginning, but gradually it may cause skin inflammation, scratches, eczema, scaling, thinning of the skin, and even bacterial infection due to excessive scratching.Paroxysmal attacks that affect falling asleep.

Skin itching often occurs in the thigh, the lower leg, and around the joints.

The elderly are more common, and people with dry skin are also prone to appearing, and often appear after bathing.

  Symptomatic guide: For itchy skin, don’t want to itch and just want to scratch. Wear gloves when you are in contact with water or detergents, and do not wash with hot water. The temperature of the water should not exceed 32 ℃ during bathing to make the air in the house as humid as possible;Use soap and other strong degreasing detergents to avoid rubbing; avoid eating spicy and irritating foods, if necessary, use medicines to relieve itching and prevent reducing emotional excitement in life.

In addition, tea is rich in manganese, a trace element, which protects the skin and promotes proper daily drinking of tea.

  Second, the detailed explanation of cleft palate: Cleft palate is a common skin disease in winter. The skin is suddenly blown by the cold wind, the secretion of subcutaneous sweat glands is reduced, the keratin is thickened, and the elasticity is lost. When the skin is injured or the chemicals are stimulated, the fingers, Heels, palms, hands, feet, thickening occurs, prone to cleft palate, but also due to hand and foot eczema, frostbite and the disease.

Foot clefts, stings, and even bleeding and infection will occur when walking.

This disease is genetically related, and people who lack vitamins are also susceptible to this skin disease.

  Symptomatic guide: For the cleft palate of hands and feet, we should pay attention to cold and warmth, protect the hands, feet, clothes, socks and socks to be loose and dry.

If cleft palate occurs, because the stratum corneum is thicker in the affected area, it will take longer to recover. You can apply skin anti-cracking agent or anti-crack cream. People with allergies should also add vitamins and reduce acid and alkali chemicals to the skin.s contact.
The course of the disease progresses, and in winter, eat more food that nourishes qi and blood.

  3. Detailed explanation of psoriasis problem: Psoriasis occurs frequently in winter and has a higher incidence in the north. Because of the cold weather, psoriasis is a relatively large disease and a chronic disease.Type, joint type, erythrodermic type, etc. Generally speaking, the common type is more common in patients, it can be local or systemic, showing a piece of erythema, with a thick white skin on the erythema,, layer by layer, but it is not directly related to dryness, it is easy to occur in cold weather.

If the patient is psoriasis, it is not recommended that you take care of it yourself. You must go to the hospital for a clear diagnosis and careful treatment.

“Symptomatic guide: I can still give you some good advice on daily living.

Psoriasis requires a lot of winter care. In small areas, you should consider eating less spicy and irritating foods, and avoid bad habits, such as heavy drinking and smoking. In the bathing area, do not wash the skin damage or directly peel the skin with your hands.And pay attention to the skin insulation, the choice of intimate clothing should be cotton.

Of course, a positive attitude cannot be produced during the psoriatic harassment.

  For specific treatment, you should consult the experts from the distance hospital. For recurrent skin lesions, it is not appropriate to replace irritating external drugs.

When stable skin lesions are replaced with heavy metal drugs such as mercury-containing agents as the main drug, they can replace large-scale long-term applications.

It is currently believed that drugs can inhibit the excessive proliferation of cells and thus achieve the purpose of treating psoriasis. However, these drugs are often very toxic. Many patients do improve clinical symptoms after use, but they are often repeated after drug withdrawal and the disease is more stubborn than before.Refractory.

Some clinical patients with severe psoriasis are often caused by improper use of drugs, which are life-threatening and cause heavy economic burden.

  The last thing to mention is that after winter, Ms. Amy’s skin care will be doubled and then doubled. Applying thick “grease” will not work, and she will continue to apply various types of cosmetics, which will cause dryness and problems.On the basis of this, it adds new risks to skin health.

Therefore, remind everyone that you must be cautious when using new skin care products, it is best to try it locally, because even the cosmetics that have been used, affected by the climate, changes in the immune state and mood of the person will appear differentSkin manifestation.

In short, in order to stay healthy and beautiful through the cool winter, you should pay more attention to your daily living and beware of various winter skin diseases.