FDA intervenes to investigate “toxic” incident in Johnson & Johnson bathroom products

“Johnson & Johnson baby products were detected in the United States toxic substances” caused controversy, and Johnson & Johnson insisted that product safety.
It is reported that some Johnson & Johnson supplies have been removed from individual supermarkets in Taiwan and Shanghai. At present, the State Drug Administration has been involved in the investigation.
  According to a report issued by the US “Safety Cosmetics Campaign” consumer organization, baby sanitary products from well-known brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Pampers contain small amounts of formaldehyde and “1,4-dioxane” toxic substances, And pointed out that the merchant did not list these toxic substances on the product label, which is a concealment from consumers.
  Johnson & Johnson (China) Co., Ltd. stated in this statement that the trace chemical compounds found by the American Safe Cosmetics Campaign originated from the by-products of the product manufacturing process used to ensure the texture of baby products and to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other government agencies around the world recognize the safety of trace ingredients at this level.
  A public relations company commissioned by Johnson & Johnson said that all indicators of Johnson & Johnson’s products meet the standards and will not be removed from the domestic market for the time being.
As for the delisting in Taiwan and Shanghai, the public relations company stated that it is a business consideration, and the specific reasons are yet to be investigated.
For allergic symptoms in infants and young children, the company said it is a case, and Johnson & Johnson has a complete after-sales service system.
  Beijing Hualian BHG, Wumart, Wal-Mart, Carrefour and other supermarkets have not removed Johnson & Johnson products. Many businesses said that consumers “consult a lot of people about whether Johnson & Johnson products are safe.” Some supermarkets have a downward trend in sales of Johnson & Johnson products.Wumart Supermarkets ‘sales of Johnson & Johnson’s infant products have fallen by 20%.
The reporter interviewed the supermarket consumers randomly. Most people expressed the hope that the relevant departments would say that they would temporarily stop the children before getting an authoritative explanation.
  According to experts in the cosmetics industry, at present, China does not have a corresponding detection standard for trace formaldehyde in cosmetics. Only product analysis reports provided by manufacturers indicate the contents of various ingredients in cosmetics.
At present, the state does not ban the release of formaldehyde-based preservatives, but there is a limit on the preservatives. At the same time, the main detection is sanitary indicators such as colonies.
  The reporter learned yesterday that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has denied involvement in investigating the Johnson & Johnson incident, while the State Food and Drug Administration has expressed close attention to the matter, and relevant departments are investigating related products.