Nine recreational activities of the fetus in the mother’s belly

From the moment she knew she was giving birth to a small life in her belly, expectant mothers poured all their love on the baby.

Although the expectant mother cannot see the baby, she is always concerned about everything: is he healthy?

what is he doing?

  In fact, in the long 280 days, the baby is used to sleep most of the time.

But when he is awake, he is an energetic, naughty little guy with a variety of entertaining lives you can never imagine: walking around, yawning, playing with the umbilical cord, sucking his fingers, or even pinching his own little feetAh . Item 1. When migratory amniotic fluid can’t be called “fetus”, they started to swim around the mother’s womb. This aimless swimming has no posture at all.Like a leisurely little seahorse.

This “fitness” activity lasted from 6 weeks to the end of pregnancy, until his size was too large to float in the amniotic fluid.

  Item 2: Yawning, sucking and swallowing. The expectant mother started to change quietly when she was 11 weeks pregnant, but because the baby is only one plum, it is not enough to attract attention. Relatively speaking, the baby in the bellyBut great changes have taken place.

His heart began to supply blood to all internal organs and exchanged blood with the trigger through the umbilical cord.

This is an important prerequisite for the physical growth of the baby. At the same time, he has learned some new skills-yawning, sucking and swallowing.

  The fetal baby yawns just like us, with his mouth wide open, but it is also because he is sleepy and tired to hit the haha. We do n’t know; the fetal baby ‘s nutrition is passed through the umbilical cord.Too much meaning, the floating amniotic fluid has become a toy that goes in and out of his mouth, swallows and plays, maybe as fun as we blow bubbles!

  Item 3: Move your bones and make faces. When the baby’s hair and nails grow rapidly, and the breeder starts to show gender characteristics, what he will do is even more amazing: he can move and expand freely, bend his fingers and toes, and thenAfter two weeks, the baby can still bend, contract and turn the palms, wrists, legs, and toes, and his movements become more flexible. When his bones become harder in the late pregnancy, he will often turn over and kick around.She can shake hands and open her hands. The expectant mother will feel that the baby is sliding on both sides of the waist, as if hugging her mother and coquettishly with her mother.

These are all fetal babies moving muscles and doing sports.

  The fetal baby continues to suck and swallow. In addition to amniotic fluid, a new invention has been added-finger sucking. This is really the original root for the baby’s favorite finger sucking after birth.

Of course, he will touch his face from time to time in the future.

Sometimes, he even pulled his little feet over and put them in his mouth.

  At this time, his facial expressions were also much richer. He learned to smile and frown. We can choose whether the baby is satisfied with the environment he suffered from, or as a facial nerve muscle exercise. No matter what, our baby is here.At this time he learned to make a face, but at this time he was just 10 weeks old, and he was only 6 cm long!

  Item 4. Except for sleeping with the umbilical cord, the unborn baby is not quiet for a moment. The expectant mother’s womb does not provide him with any toys.

But there is one “toy” that must be mentioned, which is the umbilical cord.

It was originally a “channel” for delivering nutrition to the baby. It was really boring. The baby with extreme babies turned it into a toy, turned around the umbilical cord, and held the umbilical cord to play.

After playing tired, he took a break, and when he was full of energy, he became more and more active, but he didn’t know the danger, he lurked aside, and some babies were entangled by the umbilical cord during the play and became dangerous.

  In item 5, the baby is very “smart” with ears. When he was 24 weeks old, he could already distinguish different sounds from outside the womb and inside the mother’s body.

So talk to your baby as soon as possible, and try to pat your belly. If you can put some beautiful music, it is even better. You should know that the baby’s pulse will be faster after hearing, and you can move by the rhythm of music!

  In fact, when the baby is 6 months old, the ears are already very sensitive. The baby is “snooped” by the ultrasound. He can feel the slight pressure placed on the mother’s belly by the ultrasound scan, and even the skin on the belly, the amniotic fluid must be blocked.It works, but when the sound of ultrasonic vibration reaches the baby’s ear, it can approach 100 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of a train entering a station.

Therefore, this kind of noise baby must not like.

  Item 6, the longer the baby’s length is seized, in order to develop better, he started to develop the site in the mother’s belly, how to open up?

The baby had his own method. He squeezed the internal organs of his mother’s body, moved his intestines to his upper abdomen, and his stomach shrank. Because of this, many expectant mothers developed stomach discomfort.

  Item 7, do babies burp?

It may seem like a joke, but it is true. Expectant mothers will find the rhythmic fetal movement of the baby in the second trimester, which will appear once a day.

The doctor explained from a medical point of view that this is the sound that the baby makes when swallowing amniotic fluid. It is also that he is “practicing” breathing movements to allow the lungs to mature faster. Therefore, the snoring of the baby is not really a snoring.

  Item 8, Open Eye Practice We always think that the fetal baby can only open the eyes a few days after birth to see this colorful world. This is not the case. In the second trimester, the baby’s eyes can rotate in the eye sockets, and he has been actively practicing.Open your eyes, close your eyes, and imagine!

  It’s all about eye-opening exercises, and the five sensations of babies-sniffing, seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching all “start work”, to fully prepare for the upcoming birth.

  Item 9. Do you know when the fetus is excreted? When the baby is ready to be born, he puts down the fetal hair and other secretions on the body and swallows it a little, and stores it in the body. These will stimulate the fetus’ intestinal peristalsis and excrete the feces.Can also excrete urine.

  After experiencing these small wonderful moments, the baby has been ready step by step, ready to curl up and enter the strange world through the 23cm birth canal, ready to start his new life.

  Surprise: The fetus has 300 bones. From the textbook of physiology, we know that human bones have a total of 206 bones, but the fetal baby will have more bones than adults. At least 300 bones will be fused together after birth.

  The baby will leave the mother after suffering from more than 70 different reflexes. After this is not a long 40 weeks, the baby develops from a small development into a healthy baby, will laugh, can roll, canOpen your eyes, swallow and suck, and experience complex and unimaginable changes.

For the baby, the days in the mother’s belly are happy, no worries, no thinking; for the mother, this is also the best time in life, because the baby gives the mother good memories that will never be forgotten.