How to quickly remove eye bags in just seven small steps

I often stay up all night to work overtime and play all night. I woke up the next day to see my terrible bags under my eyes and became overwhelmed.

So if you can go to bed as early as possible, never go to bed late.

Here are seven small methods . 1.

Hot compress before going to bed, wake up and cold compress, put a spoonful of salt in hot water to fully dissolve, soak the cotton pad with saline, and then apply it to the bags under the eyes 5?
10 minutes, then apply moisturizing eye cream.

Applying eyes is effective, but the time for hot and cold compresses is very particular.

  Hot compresses are best performed before bedtime, which can make the blood circulation around the eyes smooth, and eliminate the formation of eye bags from the source.

The best time for cold compresses is to quickly annihilate the bags under the eyes just after waking up in the morning.


The spoon massage method will always carry a small spoon, which is an ordinary aluminum spoon. After using eye cream every morning and evening, gently touch the eye area with the part inserted by the spoon, which can promote blood circulation, soothe the eye area, and feel improvement.Eye bags effect.


Cold tea compress Put a small cup of tea in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, then immerse the tea in a cotton pad, and then apply it on the eyelids to relieve the puffiness of the eye bags.


Use your ring finger to gently press the ring finger at the center of the belly 10 times before going to bed, and persevere every night to ease the problem of eye puffiness.


Squint eye movement The upper eyelid and lower eyelid are consciously closed and exercised more than 100 times a day. After insisting on this method, you will notice that the eye bags slowly disappear.


Drink more diuretic drinks to the bags under the eyes. You can usually drink tea, water, black coffee and other drinks to help promote body metabolism and eliminate puffiness on the face and eyes.


Eye cream massage uses twice the amount of eye cream as usual for simple eye point massage, soothes the eye nerves, and strengthens blood circulation in the eyes.