[Dried Pork Ribs Soup]_How to make_How to make

Many people in our life prefer to drink pork rib soup, because the impact of pork rib soup is high, it tastes good, and in the process of stewing pork rib soup, be sure to add some tempeh, generally tempeh will turn into soybeanPut the sauce together, it tastes a bit salty. It’s just because it tastes salty, so the dishes are delicious. So how to make the dried bean soup with pork ribs?

step 1.

Soak the dried beans in advance and rinse well.


Wash and cut the corn.


Stir the pork ribs in boiling water, remove and rinse.


Put the ribs, corn, dried beans, ginger slices into the pot together, pour an appropriate amount of water, cover the pot and cook for about half an hour.


Lift the lid and add a small amount of shrimp for about 15 minutes.


After cooking, add an appropriate amount of sugar, salt, raw soy sauce, stir well, and then you can cook.

Tips 1.

Depending on the length of the cooking time, the degree of soft decay will be different, and different pots will have different degrees of soft decay.

It all depends on personal preference.


Adding shrimp is just to add freshness, and at the same time, to make the dried beans softer. To change the cooking time, dried bean stewed pork ribs are an essential dish on the table.What’s more, because of its high nutritional value, it has the effects of nourishing yin and aphrodisiac, and nourishing essence and nourishing blood.

First of all, it can replenish Zhongqi and Qi, Chinese medicine believes that dried cowpea stewed pork ribs can replenish Zhongqi and Qi, and dried cowpea stewed pork ribs have the effect of replenishing Zhongqi.

Nourish the spleen and stomach, dried cowpea stewed pork ribs can nourish the spleen and stomach, and reasonable consumption of dried cowpea stewed pork ribs can protect the spleen and stomach.

Improve anemia, dried cowpea ribs can provide heme (organic iron) and cysteine to promote iron absorption, which can improve iron deficiency anemia.

Strong bones and bones Stewed cowpea ribs with iron, zinc and other trace elements can strengthen the bones.

Calcium supplement, dried cowpea stewed pork ribs contain a large amount of calcium phosphate, bone collagen, bone mucin, etc., which can provide calcium for young children and the elderly.

Supplement nutrition, dried cowpea stewed ribs protein and traces, to provide high-quality protein and essential fatty acids for humans, which can supplement the nutrition required by the human body.

Nourishing yin and yang, Chinese medicine believes that dried cowpea stewed ribs can nourish yin and yang, and is an excellent dietary material for women and men.