Deng Tietao talks about how to make good use of Astragalus

In the Qing Dynasty, Wang Qingren made good use of Astragalus and Deng’s teaching methods. From this experience, he used it properly and it did have wonderful effects.

  First, the trapped person uses astragalus to lift up, and the indications are organ sagging (such as gastric drooping, uterine drooping, anal prolapse, kidney drooping, etc.), myasthenia gravis, muscle atrophy, difficulty breathing, dizziness, etc.By.

All of the above symptoms are caused by depression of qi deficiency and weak lifting, which makes the organs unable to lift and sag; or Qingyang does not rise, Zhuyang cannot converge at the top and vertigo; or lack of vitality makes it difficult to breathe and has difficulty breathing.Or difficulty in supporting the lungs, impaired vomiting and accepting new ones;

Stomach sagging patients can use Sijunzi Decoction plus 30 grams of astragalus, and then add 3 grams of coriander shell to support, one liter one drop, one more drop and less.

Therefore, it is necessary to use scutellaria husk to support, because the stomach belongs to the lord of the stomach, the qi of the stomach is descended. Although the sagging needs to rise, the qi of the stomach needs to be reduced.Comply with the decline of stomach qi, in order to promote the recovery of gastric mucosa and the function of digestion and acceptance.

  Treatment of anal prolapse, Inner Mongolia “Selected Materials of New Chinese Herbal Medicine Law” contained prescription: astragalus 120 grams, windproof 9 grams.

This recipe is actually from Huang Qing Renzhi Huangqi Fangfeng Decoction.

Wang’s Fang: Astragalus four or two, windproof one money.

Li Dongyuan believes that: wind energy can make astragalus.

It can be seen that Huang Qingren’s Huanghuang Fangfeng Tang originated from Dongyuan, and the amount of windproofing should not be used more.

This prescription really works.

  Uterine prolapse, treatment with Buzhong Yiqi Tonga Shouwu.

The meaning of adding Shouwu is to induce Scripture; the two are due to the cell palace as Chong Ren, both rely on Yin and Blood, nourished by blood, nourished by blood, replenished by Qi and blood, and adjusted by Chong Ren,The siblings can be restored to their original positions.

If you can cooperate with acupuncture and strengthen the conditioning of the irritation, it will be more effective.

  Myasthenia gravis is treated by Qiangji Jianli Decoction. This recipe is a self-designed experience prescription. Astragalus is also used as the main medicine.

The syndrome of myasthenia gravis is more complicated. In addition to drooping eyelids, there may be diplopia, difficulty swallowing, unclear articulation, weakness in the limbs, severe breathing difficulties, atmospheric depression, and life-threatening.

Deng thinks that the biggest feature of the disease is muscle weakness, and it is difficult to heal repeatedly. According to the theory of the “spleen main muscle” theory of traditional Chinese medicine, this is a syndrome of deficiency of spleen and stomach, and it is related to the internal organs.

In the treatment of the pathological center complication of spleen and stomach deficiency, astragalus was reused to replenish qi and slump. At the same time, the five internal organs were adjusted according to the evidence of joint clamping, and the spleen and stomach were replenished.

  Second, those who are “ascending” usually say “ascending”, and their blood pressure is also elevated.

Hypertension is a disease with many patients with hyperactivity of liver yang, clinical use of Pinggan Qianyang Jiangni Qifeng products, but there are others.

Deng’s treatment of hypertension of qi deficiency and phlegm turbidity type, re-use Huangqi and Wendan Decoction to treat it.

  How to explain the theory of astragalus blood pressure and depression?

Some people think that traditional Chinese medicine often has a “two-way effect”, so astragalus can raise and lower blood pressure.

How to master the lifting machine?

Deng’s experience is: Astragalus is boosted when it is used lightly, and it is reduced when it is reused.

Why do pharmacological studies only have a hypotensive result?

Because animal experiments are conducted in large doses, the results of hypotension are obtained.

Deng’s treatment of hypotension, like to use Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, the yellow spots in the prescription does not exceed 15 grams.

For the treatment of Qi deficiency and phlegm turbid hypertension, Huangqi Hewendan Decoction should be used, and 30 grams of Astragalus must be used in stages.

Admittedly, in addition to tan, there are Bupleurum and Cimicifuga, which can enhance the power of lifting. When reusing astragalus to lower blood pressure, you can also add a Qianyang drop product, the effect is of course even moreOK, but there is also antihypertensive effect without adding antidote, which is certain.

A stroke patient had been consulted. Hemiplegia aphasia and high blood pressure were identified as evidence of qi deficiency and blood stasis. The prescription was Buyang Huanwu Decoction. Huangqi Zhaofang used 200 grams. The doctor in the hospital had concerns about 200 grams of astragalus.Western medicine lowers blood pressure, which makes sense. After taking the medicine according to the prescription, blood pressure does not rise but drops, it is convinced.

  Although re-use of Astragalus can lower blood pressure and is well-documented, Astragalus is still a medicine for improving qi and yang, which must be paid attention to.

If the syndrome is hyperactive with liver yang or high blood pressure with internal heat, and you want to use a few astragalus to lower blood pressure, you will commit a “true ring”!

It can be seen that the research of pharmacology has not yet been able to answer all the questions for us, and it still needs dialectical treatment.