Chinese medicine privatizes your medical examination

At the end of the physical examination, I flipped through the test sheets, the inspection report, and the dense data somehow, even if there was a suggestion, it was like itching over the boots.

Maybe you should do a TCM medical examination, the results of which are only for you, and the suggestions pointed out are just for you.

In this big age of privacy, why not make your medical examination private?

  The old Chinese doctors of the traditional Chinese medicine called “the god” to observe the patient’s mental state and some related things with his eyes to judge his health.

Diagnosis reliability rate: about 85% Key areas for inspection: tongue, face, eyes, hair, teeth, nails, clothing, skin, secretions, excreta, posture inspection contents: observe color, gloss, thickness, vitality, spiritStatus and other anomalies.

For example, yellow tongue coating indicates excessive heat in the body, which may be blood gas stasis or accumulation of food. White tongue coating indicates severe cold in the body, possibly cold in the spleen and stomach. If the nails are light and crisp, easy to break, and the gloss is not sufficient, it indicates liver Qi and blood loss.When the physical condition is better, the eyes look bright and the eyes are turned flexibly. When the physical condition is not good, there will be sluggish eyes and dull eyes.

Preparation before consultation: 1.

Before seeing Chinese medicine, do not eat foods that stain the tongue coating, such as Chinese medicine pills, bayberry, mulberry.


When looking at Chinese medicine, do not wear makeup. The plain water noodles will help the doctor understand your condition.

  The old saying of Chinese medicine is that the expert of “Sheng” smell has two meanings: one means to listen and the other means to smell.

Doctors use the sense of smell and hearing to judge a patient’s health.

Diagnosis reliability rate: about 80% (but for certain diseases, the reliability of smell diagnosis can reach 100%) Key smell locations: A: breathing, cough, heart rate; B smell: stool, urine, vaginal secretions, sputumFluid, body odor, breath and smell content: breath depth, length, speed, dryness of cough, speed of heart rate, regularity and taste of various body fluids.

For example, deep breathing indicates strong lung function, and shortness indicates that the lung may be poor. Cough sounds can be divided into two types: dry cough represents dryness of the lungs, wet cough represents excessive lung humidity; vaginal secretions are cold, and the smell is foulDamp is too hot.

Preparation before consultation: 1.

The odor may have been found before the consultation. Do not cover it with perfume or gum to avoid affecting the doctor’s treatment.


Some body fluids cannot be understood by the doctor in person, such as the color and smell of the second stool, and when the patient feels unwell, it is best to pay attention to some basic conditions in advance, and the brake will help the doctor to make a judgment.

  The traditional Chinese doctors call the expert “worker” to understand the patient’s relevant situation through inquiries to determine their health status.

Diagnosis reliability rate: about 70% Key questioned areas: cold and heat of the body, sweat, head sensation, body sensation, urine, diet, chest sensation, ear function, oropharyngeal condition, previous medical history, menstrual condition, etc.
Contents of the consultation: feeling of hot and cold, sweating, tiredness, frequency and smoothness of feces, diet preference, heavy taste, hearing, whether there are oral ulcers, whether menstruation is normal, etc.

For example, night sweats, sweating abnormally after falling asleep, sweating stopped after waking up, and there may be tuberculosis; delayed menstrual period, low menstrual flow, red blood color indicates coldness, blood deficiency; oral ulcers are often external to some internal dysfunctionIn the performance, if the recurrence does not heal for a long time, you may wish to focus on the spleen and stomach and change the method of treatment.

Preparation before consultation: 1.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, women even suffer from medical diseases and skin diseases, which may also be caused by menstrual disorders, so they will understand the patient’s menstrual flow, redness and darkness of the color, denseness of the quality, the intensity of the taste, and the periodicity.Normal, pay more attention to these situations.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that every organ has an organ for opening the body on the surface of the body, such as the kidney opening the ears. You can understand the diseases of the organs through the ear conditions, so the doctor will ask them in detail, and sometimes some seemingly unrelated problems may be the key.over there.

  Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners call cutting masters “clever” cutting and include pulse resection. They also include percussion and palpation. Doctors determine the patient’s condition through pulse resection and physical contact.

Diagnosis reliability rate: about 90%, especially for the diagnosis of the cause, the accuracy rate can be close to 100%. Focus on the diagnosis site: Xuankou pulse on the wrist, ear point resection content: the signs of the pulse show different alternatives.

Traditional Chinese medicine claims that there are as many as 28 kinds of pulses, and rarely there is only one kind of pulse. Usually, several pulses coexist.

For example, in the Great Jang Geum, Arie cut out the pulse, which means that the postpartum essence gas is damaged, and Chang Jie cuts out the scattered pulse, which means that the pregnant woman still has a stillbirth.

  Who does a TCM medical examination?

When healthy people in active health want to know their physical condition, they can use TCM medical examination as a way.


If the sub-healthy people are in a sub-healthy state and have no obvious discomfort, it is difficult for the “sub-healthy” people to show up using western medical examination tools.

The TCM doctor can grasp the impact of the patient’s physical condition and environment on him as a whole, point out hidden health hazards, and propose personalized health and disease prevention programs.


The old patients with normal Western medical examination feel unwell, tired, short of breath, sweating, afraid of cold or hot, dry mouth or light mouth, but the results of Western medical examination are normal, or the treatment is not good despite abnormalities.Suitable for Chinese medicine.

  4.People who plan to tonic need to identify the tonic according to their physical fitness, so it is recommended to check with traditional Chinese medicine before tonic.

However, it should be reminded that due to the living environment and the role of diet, the type of physical fitness of a person can be changed. The current test results may not be applicable after several years.