The growth of personal education king-Yang Bin

Bringing health to others, and leaving life to himself Yang Bin, who was the annual sales champion of the private education class in Beijing Bluebird Fitness Center, did not have his own consciousness and did not panic.

After training for five years in Judo, he was a police officer when he was at that police station, and he should participate in bodybuilding competitions when he participated in bodybuilding competitions. Until one day he came to Beijing Jade Bird Fitness Center to become a personal trainer. All this seems logical.

  Yang Bin said that I have gained a lot as a coach in Qingdao for five years. I am very grateful to Jade Bird for this platform, which made me a successful one. I also met a lot of friends who love fitness. Every day, I watched the members I supervised with confidence.It is comforting to walk out of the health museum and face work and life with a very healthy attitude.

  Yang Bin, who created a sales record of 620,000 private education courses a year, is now turning more of his operations into helping those members who have been physically injured to undergo rehabilitation training. Yang Bin believes that he helped others at a time when others need help, which is far more than himselfGaining higher honors is more valuable, enabling more bodybuilders to realize that exercise can prevent disease, and increasing the fitness awareness of more people is not only the expectations of a fitness coach, but also the expectations of the entire industry.He has been actively working hard to bring health to more people and write a more brilliant chapter for the life of the Authority.

  Putting learning to the end, exercising to the end Exercise and learning is totally impossible for the general bin to use words to describe that he feels that there is something in his body that has some huge needs. Only exercise and learning can he find life and workThis can bring him satisfaction and passion that other things cannot bring, and this satisfaction can completely surpass fame and fortune.

  Recently, in order to squeeze more time for study and research, he did not hesitate to reduce the sales volume of private education courses, which greatly affected his personal income, but he thought it was very worthwhile. In his view, to be accurate and comprehensive preparation for membersThe fitness plan must continuously study and learn relevant knowledge, and the equipment in the gym is often updated and the members who come to the gym are also different. Of course, those of us who work as coaches must take the time to learn.

  Let members receive fitness and make fitness more enjoyable. Many and many people enjoy the purpose of slimming. They diet, sweat, and even cry. However, excessive fatigue has still caused some bodybuilders to give up exercise because they are notEnjoyment in fitness.

  Everyone who comes to the gym hopes that their body shape will become slimmer, especially some beautiful girls. They think that dieting hard, coupled with high-intensity physical training can achieve the effect of weight loss. At the beginning, they mayWill be very passionate, insist on training every day, but it will not be long before you will be scared by extreme fatigue, and then give up fitness, this fact often happens, then how to let members receive fitness, and feel that fitness is one for herThis kind of enjoyment can make her have an interest in perseverance. Yang Bin believes that if you want to break through this, you must let the bodybuilder treat fitness as a enjoyment. Personal trainers can check, evaluate, and plan for the bodybuilder.However, it is very difficult to implement. Even the inspection is correct, the evaluation is correct, and the plan is perfect. The members just do n’t exercise as planned, and the best fitness plan is useless.

Being able to persuade members is especially important by chance.

  Yang Bin said: “Among the members I have served, I will make fitness programs based on their personal preferences. Some members like sweating and some members like physical training. Then I set up on the basis of their favorite methods.定健身方案,把这些东西揉进去,既满足了会员的健身热情,也达到目的了更好的健身效果,这就是我所提倡的‘享受健身’训练法。Now, I often instill the concept of enjoying fitness with members.

“Now, members who follow Yang Bin’s fitness are enjoying this happiness. They feel that fitness is no longer a suffering and suffering because they have achieved the ultimate goal of fitness.

  Yang Bin reminds: Members need to hire personal trainers in three stages.

  The first stage: When entering the gym for the first time, members need to ask for a personal trainer, because the coach will correct the fitness program according to the physical condition of the member, so as to prevent the member from causing physical injury or entering a fitness misunderstanding.

  The second stage: After adjusting the exercises, members need to modify the fitness plan to benefit the body.

  The third stage: After a long time, the bodybuilder is tired of fitness. At this time, the bodybuilder needs the supervision and encouragement of the fitness coach to stick to the fitness plan.