Hen nourishing cock tonic

Cold winter is the best time to eat chicken tonic.

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, chicken has the effects of warming and nourishing qi, replenishing the essence and filling the marrow, replenishing the five internal organs, and repairing the deficiencies.

Not only can it enhance physical fitness, improve the body’s immunity, but also better protect against cold, and lay the foundation for a year of health.

  However, many people have questions. Is it better to eat cocks or hens?

Professor Shen Yanying, deputy director of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, said: “From a nutritional point of view, roosters and hens are similar.

“But the hen takes on the responsibility of child rearing and stores more nutrients than the” chicken father “.

Professor Yang Li of Xiyuan Hospital of the Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences said that Chinese medicine believes that the therapeutic effects of roosters and hens are different and should be selected according to need.

The cock is male, and it mainly has aphrodisiac and qi-enriching effects, and it is replaced by warm-nourishing effects.

For frequent urination caused by deficiency of kidney yang, and the essence of oligohydraulism, it is very suitable for young men.

However, because of the fire and gas, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, gout, and wind and cold patients are not suitable to eat more.

In addition, the rooster is also listed as one of the hair products, people with allergies, psoriasis is best to eat less.

  The hen is a female, which is good for nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen, and nourishing spleen.

Especially for women with menstrual or postpartum blood deficiency, there is also the role of blood.

Compared with roosters, hen meat is more suitable for both young and old, and is especially suitable for frail elderly people.

However, it cannot be over nourished.

  In terms of eating, hens are generally used for stew, and roosters are suitable for quick-fry.

Because the hen has too much feces, the nutrition in the meat can easily be added to the soup, and the stewed chicken soup tastes more delicious.

On the contrary, the cock’s flesh is firmer and it is difficult to make a thick soup.

People who eat cocks prefer the tender “boy chicken”. At this time, they need to stir fry to keep it fresh and delicious.

  Also pay attention when eating chicken, toxins are easy to accumulate in the head, it is best to discard it.

Some people like chicken buttocks, but the buttocks may also be a place for hormones and carcinogens, so it is best not to eat them for safety.