Sleeping position also suffers from personality

To understand the personality of the other half, in addition to looking at the constellation, calculating the name, and combining the eight characters, you may also pay attention to the sleeping position of the other person, because the sleeping position can show the true self more than the nude.

 I. Threshold (41%): The sleeping position is like the threshold position in the womb.

People who adopt this sleeping position are tough on the outside but sensitive on the inside. They may be shy when they first meet strangers, but they will soon recover.

The number of women in this sleeping position is more than that of men.

 Second, the log type (15%): When sleeping, the body is vertical, with both hands close to the body.

This type of person is easy-going, likes to stay in the crowd, trusts strangers, but may be easily deceived.

 Third, craving type (13%): Complications during bedtime when bed is implanted, with both hands imitating forward, as if craving for something.

This type of person is open-minded, but may also be suspicious and sharp.

They don’t make decisions easily, but once they make a decision, they are unlikely to change it.

 Fourth, soldier type (eight percent): When you sleep, your face is lying flat with your hands on your body.

This type of person is usually silent and cautious, does not like fuss, and is very demanding on themselves and others.

 V. Free-fall type (7%): Sleeping on your stomach with your face down, your face turned and your hands resting on the pillow.

Most of this type of people like to be lively, bold, and less cautious, but they may be nervous and have a thin skin.

They don’t like being criticized or extreme situations.

 Six, starfish (5%): face up to sleep, arms and feet stretched out in a large font.

This type of person is willing to listen to others and provide help when necessary, so it is easy to make a close friend.

However, they do not like to be the focus of attention in the group.

 It does not belong to the replacement of the above six sleeping positions, or it may change different sleeping positions, or do not know what your sleeping position is.

 Iquikowski pointed out that this is the first time that the academic world discovered the self-information revealed by the subconscious posture of the body, and the interesting thing about this research is that the sleeping posture often differs greatly from the personality it reflects.

 Iquikowski also pointed out that the free-falling sleeping position helps digestion, while the starfish and soldier types are easy to snore or sleep well.